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I'm a Canadian academic and musician living in Scotland. By day, I work as a researcher. By night, I play in a band.

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Down beats and rolling stones: the American jazz press decides to cover rock in 1967 (Popular Music History 1:3, 2006)

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Comparing the shaming of jazz and rhythm and blues in music criticism (Experience Music Project 2006)

Was Newport 1969 the Altamont of Jazz? The role of music festivals in shaping the jazz-rock fusion debate (Leeds International Jazz Conference 2006)

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January 12, 2006

The Adventures of Slim Johnny


My time in Fredericton is once again at an end. I depart tomorrow to Sackville, New Brunswick, to be part of a little music festival called Stereophonic. While I was at home over the holidays I put together a crew of friends to form the Maritime Rock Opera Club, and tomorrow night we will premiere a fairly ridiculous 30-minute opus entitled "The Adventures of Slim Johnny." Here's the synopsis:

“The Adventures of Slim Johnny” is the story of a twenty-something-year-old everyman who works at a call centre in the Canadian maritimes and battles with the quarter life crisis blues. While at work Johnny daydreams about moving to a shack in the woods to whittle sticks and contemplate the universe. But one fine day he falls in love with a feisty tae kwan do teacher named Red, and the two discover that together they make a formidable crime fighting team. After clocking out from work each day, Slim and Red happily moonlight dancing a ballet of vigilante justice, putting a stop to corporate crooks, cookers of books, burglars, swindlers, and thieves of all sorts.

Sadly, the lovers’ crime-fighting honeymoon is not to last, as it is discovered that the entire human race is about to be wiped out by a plague of unfathomable deadliness. But all is not lost: a collective of noble scientists discover a rugged miracle coral growing in the North Atlantic ocean, and they enlist the trustworthy Slim and Red to harvest the precious cure in two tiny submarines. The journey proves perilous and our heroes almost lose their lives in the dangerous ocean depths, but they are helped in the end by dolphins. Surfacing just in time to save the day, Slim and Red return the coral to the scientists and quietly head back to work, but with the realization that superhero potential is in all of us.

Posted by matt at January 12, 2006 07:08 PM