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I'm a Canadian PhD student living in Scotland, where I study music, media, and culture at Stirling University.

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June 2004

June 28, 2004

The mystery of my PhD explained

Well, sort of...

I'm back from London, and gearing up for more travel, conferences, and other fun things before the summer is through. After a visit to Canada I'll be heading to Finland for a conference called the "Intensive European Programme for Doctoral Research in Communications."

At this conference I'll be explaining my PhD in progress and hopefully getting some feedback about it. So if you ever wonder what it is exactly that I'm doing for my work, you can download the paper and hopefully get an idea. It's a bit dense, but hey, it's for a conference full of eggheads like myself.

Posted by matt at 02:44 PM

June 03, 2004

London Calling


Well, I'm off to London on a two-week research trip to the British Library, where I'll be up to my ears in microfilm and dusting off back issues of Rolling Stone magazine. Until then, did you know that...

... the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for music is widening its entry criteria to encourage jazz entries (and about time, too)!

... there's a famous Hollywood actor who's taken to writing an online journal (or "blog") under the name of Rance revealing all kinds of seedy goings-on within celebrity culture?

... you can download all kinds of cool illegal art, including Danger Mouse's infamous Grey Album, at a website called Illegal Art?

Posted by matt at 04:57 PM

June 01, 2004

The way the music died


Frontline, the flagship documentary program for the PBS televsion channel, took a critical look at the music industry last week in a program called "The Way the Music Died." You can watch the program on their website if you missed it.

I thought the documentary had a lot of problems (myths, innacuracies, and an unjustifiably pessimistic take on the contemporary music scene), but the website is great and I fully recommend exploring it. It's got loads of links to some of the most interesting music industry journalism over the last few years.

Posted by matt at 05:07 PM