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I'm a Canadian PhD student living in Scotland, where I study music, media, and culture at Stirling University.

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The rough guide to critics: musicians discuss the role of the music press (Popular Music 25:2, 2006)

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Comparing the shaming of jazz and rhythm and blues in music criticism (Experience Music Project 2006)

Was Newport 1969 the Altamont of Jazz? The role of music festivals in shaping the jazz-rock fusion debate (Leeds International Jazz Conference 2006)

Down Beat vs. Rolling Stone: the battle for authority in the American music press, 1967-1970 (IASPM Biennial Conference 2005)

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Proffessor Undressor

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June 2006

June 23, 2006

The Lost Marbles, Part 2


My new band has just posted a couple of homemade demos up on myspace.com. If you're familiar with myspace, be sure to add us as a friend! We recorded the songs in a living room in Glasgow with one microphone cradled in a leather shoe, because we didn't have a mic stand. So we're not talking about high fidelity sound, we're talking about music made with soul (or sole?), like your mom's chocolate chip cookies. You can listen to our efforts here.

Posted by matt at 10:08 AM

June 09, 2006

Introducing The Lost Marbles

lost marbles.jpg

I've been playing with some fun musicians these days, and we've just formed a little band and played our debut gig at the Liquid Ship in Glasgow last night. We're called The Lost Marbles. Between the three of us, we cover drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, viola, casio keyboard, laptop and fx, accordion, and vocals (times three).

Our second show will be at Gilmorehill on Friday, June 23, as part of the Glasgow West End Festival. We'll be sharing the bill with two other bands, Robbie and the Reluctants and The Lights. Tickets are 6. If you want tickets, get in touch with me via e-mail. Hope to see you there!

Introducing the band:

The rough and tumble Michael John McCarthy and Matt Brennan.

The rose between two thorns, Kim Moore.

Posted by matt at 07:30 PM